m raktim


as a cinematographer, raktim does more than merely light a scene or move the camera – in a true sense he is a director of photography. he has an intense passion and unique vision for what he is creating. he creates his art like a painter and his canvas is the screen where he puts a lot of energy and time into designing every shot as a piece of art.

born in calcutta in 1976, raktim has graduated from the prestigious satyajit ray film & television institute (srfti) – kolkata, with a concentration in motion picture photography in 2004. raktim was trained to shoot on celluloid, but was an early adopter of digital video technology, which has become so prevalent today. and since then he has been working in indian film industry along with many european collaboration. raktim has shot movies, commercials and documentaries around the world with very unique directors like buddhadev dasgupta and ketan mehta.


  • nominee – best cinematography in documentary films, madrid international film festival 2015.
  • 6th assam state film award 2015 – best cinematography.
  • kodak master class with academy awards winner legendary cinematographer vilmos zsigmond asc 2011.